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Related post: Demonstrates knowledge of controlled substance procurement and Demonstrates knowledge of inventory management and drug purchasing policies Demonstrate a knowledge of regulatory agencies such as OSHA, DEA, JCAHO, EPA and Board of Pharmacy Demonstrates knowledge of quality assurance principles and procedures Page 56 of Isosorbide Dinitrate 10 Mg 111 Demonstrates knowledge of the role of the pharmacy in disaster planning and Demonstrates knowledge of the organization structure and relationship of all pharmacy person within the facility Describes the relationship of pharmacy services with other departments and Students maintains confidentiality according to HIPAA Student can communicate respectfully and articulately Student wears appropriate attire Student demonstrates ethical behavior Effectively communicates with other health care providers Demonstrates the ability to organize responsibilities and function effectively in the Demonstrates a knowledge of leadership and management principles Demonstrates the ability to synthesize and integrate information (clinical, cultural, ethical, economic, and legal) effectively when making practice and/or patient Demonstrates motivation towards self improvement through performance of Effectively and actively participates in groups and with individuals Student is accountable for all he/she does or fails to do Accepts constructive criticism and applies recommendations positively and modifies behavior when necessary Encourage students on the importance of life-long learning Submit three adverse drug reaction reports Review, evaluate, and analyze three medication errors which occurred at the Conduct a minimum of three medication histories or medication reconciliations and develop a patient centered care plan. Complete a minimum of one formulary review. Complete a minimum of one oral presentation or journal club. Conduct a medication reconciliation and a medication discharge plan Participate in the departments inventory manage ment processes Participate in the departments qualiptyrog arassum. rance Document how the site addresses drug shortages or diversions. Participate in rounding, team meetings or clinical information gathering forums as Page 57 of 111 Conduct Medication Reconciliation or Med History Submit three adverse drug reaction reports Submit medication errors (actual or potential) Complete and submit a formulary review Complete an oral presentation to health care team Assess patients Medication Therapy Plan Present Patient Care Presentation Page 58 of 111 Department of Clinical and Administrative Sciences Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience Format: 5 Credit Hours Time: minimum 200 hours at site This experience provides students the opportunity to provide a high level of pharmaceutical care to patients in an ambulatory care setting. Students will be given the opportunity to develop a strong relationship between physicians and other health care providers in a clinic setting and develop clinical skills to provide patient services in an Obtain and record appropriate information from patients including demographics, medication histories, drug allergies or tolerances, and identify medical conditions Perform physical assessments (BP, HR, etc.) needed to assess the medication management of ambulatory care disease states. Monitor and evaluate patients medication histories for drug related problems a. Inappropriate use of drugs b. Adverse drug effects (identifying cause and significance) c. Drug interactions (drug-drug, drug-food, drug-disease) identifying cause e. Drug duplications/unnecessary use of drugs. g. Drug efficacy and toxicity Perform calculations as needed to evaluate data (i.e. creatinine clearance, ideal Apply the best available evidence, evaluate the evidence, and apply clinical expertise in using the evidence. Using information obtained on patients including medical and drug history and Page 59 of 111 a. Rank drug therapy problems based on severity. b. Differentiate active from inactive problems. c. Identify preventative and health maintenance issues. d. Generate a specific medical and drug therapy list e. Determine whether therapeutic goals have been met. f. Select and recommend appropriate evidence-based patient specific drug and nondrug therapy as part of the patient-centered care plan g. Develop plans for monitoring efficacy and toxicity of patient-specific drug h. Consider the economic impact of recommendations to patient and site. Identify the health needs and risk factors for specific populations. Explain how your clinic recruits patients to participate in patient-centered care and the barriers to patients receiving this care. List ways primary care physician offices provide medication to the Discuss how pharmaceutical companies play a role in the medications dispensed at your site, including samples and patient assistance programs and how the current pharmaceutical representative rules affect the patients ability to get Respond appropriately and accurately to drug information requests identifying database systems available in the clinic setting. Explain to patients all aspects of drug therapy including symptomatology, use, storage, administration and management of adverse reactions utilizing oral or written forms of communication. Counsel patients on their medication conditions, medication use, wellness, and disease prevention using a variety of techniques. Participate in patient counseling taking into account patients health literacy, cultural behavioral issues and economic issues. Facilitate patients assuming an active role in their self-care and overall health. Make recommendations (verbal or written) to healthcare providers regarding changes in a patients care plan(including formulary changes and medication use and dosing) and document these activities utilizing a SOAP note or other Utilize appropriate professional treatment guidelines for a given disease state when developing a care plan. Participate in medication reconciliation if needed at your site. Provide care within the scope of the collaborative practice agreement, evaluating appropriateness of prescription orders Buy Isosorbide Dinitrate and changing or writing new orders if allowed by your site. Comply with all legal regulations regarding prescriptions, patient care and Page 60 of Isosorbide Dinitrate 20 Mg 111 Demonstrate a positive, ethical and professional attitude congruent with the Self assess ones own knowledge and abilities independently and take responsibility for improving these areas as needed. Exhibit intellectual curiosity and personal commitment to ensure ongoing life-long Describe strategies for reimbursement of pharmacy services in an ambulatory care setting and differentiate the mechanisms of paying for health care. Differentiate between different third party payers including Medicare (Part A, B, and D), Medicaid (traditional and HMO) and private sector health insurance. Identify and report medication errors and adverse drug events. Identify what quality improvement measures are in place for accurate processing and dispensing of medication and understand how the site uses med errors for Describe how to conduct outcomes research and how it can benefit this practice Participate in a medication therapy management program.
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